The Orchard is Exploding With Ripening Fruit! We Need YOU!

The Orchard is Exploding With Ripening Fruit! We Need YOU!
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Healthy Fruit Trees!

It’s late June and our Community Orchard is looking good – thanks to many volunteers who have helped mow, trim, weed and help with the watering system. As a result, the fruit is growing bigger and it won’t be long until we start harvesting.  Some of the apples will be first, starting in August!

So how can YOU help? Sign-up here to receive info on what needs to be done. There’s always something in a growing orchard. There are grapes that need netting to keep the birds from getting to them. Soon we’ll need to prop up the tree branches that are getting too heavy with fruit.

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Grapes appeal to birds!

And, starting in August, we’ll start picking apples, then other fruits. We need volunteers to pick, package, deliver and even bake! We can make pies, cakes, breads and jellies to take to the food shelves and food banks.



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Bee Hive – 1 of 10!

We’ll also be harvesting honey soon and that will need to be put in jars and distributed to food banks. The bees are busy doing their job in the orchard so we can do ours soon. There are 10 hives and we expect to have about 300 pounds of fresh honey by this fall.

Yellow Delicious apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, apricots, and grapes. There are several different varieties of many of these fruits.

Take a look at these photos of our fruit in the orchard. God is richly blessing this orchard this year.

Apples Yellow Del Apricots Grapes Sdlss Grapes Sdlss4 Peaches2 Pears Pears8 Plums5


Please consider volunteering! You can make a difference!

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